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River of Night (Shadow Kingdom Book 1) FREE Copy

River of Night (Shadow Kingdom Book 1) FREE Copy

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He's not the hero his world needs. But he's the only one they've got.

Ivan just wants to enjoy his last summer before starting proper grownup life.

Instead, he’s unearthed a secret death cult in his hometown. And now they're after him for stealing their god's power.

Only Ivan doesn’t seem to have any special powers…apart from accidentally creating a mysterious shadow wolf and a bossy raven who steals his morning toast.

At any rate, his so-called powers haven't been much help in fending off the apocalypse. And that's a problem...

...because Ivan and his friends are in a race for their lives.

There's mad occultists, a Valkyrie who's taken a shine to Ivan, and the growing menace of the monsters that live in the shadow of our world.

Summer will be fun…if Ivan can manage to survive it.

A fast-paced YA urban fantasy perfect for fans of Holly Black, Neil Gaiman, and Stranger Things.

"I’m still reading this instead of sleeping. It’s almost 3am, so it certainly has caught my attention." - Sally F.

"Okay, two chapters and I’m already hooked." - Peter S.

"The dynamics between this lot are nicely twisted. One has to wonder what will happen when it all finally hits." - Max F.

"Was blown away. Excellent fast paced story with excellent, believable characters." - C. Lithgow-MacLean

"Captivating, well-paced, YA urban fantasy" - J Lewy

"Monsters that would make Lovecraft proud...drama, action and insanity ensues." - Amazon reviewer

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